Thursday, September 30, 2010


This house at 216 Conklin in Eastwood rented quickly! Do you have a house you'd like to rent? Are you looking for a single family home to rent in Syracuse? Please call me at 315-395-7523.

People are especially looking for rental homes in Tipp Hill, Eastwood, and Strathmore in the city of Syracuse. Outside the city I get a lot of requests for Liverpool, Clay, Cicero.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Stuff I meant to do

Yesterday I realized it was Tuesday. Sadly, I realized that too late to go to the farmer's market at Clinton Plaza. This is the market held May-October that used to be in the parking lot of the Chase Building. This year they moved it to a much better location, where it's more visible from main streets and is in a prettier location with the Clinton Square statues and fountain and the nice old buildings. So much nicer than a parking lot and as an added bonus, it doesn't take up any parking spaces.

Another thing I didn't do this year was kayaking or canoeing. It's still not to late, there's a possibility I could, but a lot of places stop renting boats after labor day.

Starting a garden is another thing I've meant to do for several years, and as you will see in an upcoming post I will have a big added incentive to do this.

I also didn't go to the State Fair. It's funny, people love to complain about it and I say I have never been. Then the response is "But you HAVE to go!" I'll probably go some year.

I didn't go to the Irish Festival either, which did make me sad as I love traditional Irish music. But I was really busy that weekend.

I put the Farmer's market on my calendar for next week! Next year I will make a point of going to the Irish Festival and going kayaking. The fair, I know I'll end up going someday but it's not a priority and I make no promises!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Syracuse Nostalgia

New York State Fair commercial - WSTM Channel 3 News Syracuse

I was searching YouTube and I found a very interesting group of videos by Syracuse Nostalgia, who also has a blog and a site. Since I didn't grow up in the Syracuse area it's very interesting to see what things used to look like! There's a lot of old commercials and clips from news shows. His sites concentrate on North Syracuse in the 1980s but he's got stuff from various other decades and is looking for more material. You can contact him through his site.

I chose this one just because the State Fair is going on now.