Saturday, October 29, 2011

North Syracuse Graveyard

This is the graveyard in North Syracuse.  It's right by my office.  I've been meaning to go out there and take some photos of it because the fall colors have been spectacular.  So yesterday I finally walked over there and realized that all I had was the camera on my phone!  I just took the one picture.  I think it turned out good for a camera phone.

Friday, October 21, 2011

I've started my property management company

I've called it Responsible Property Management, which was the fourth name change.  Now I have a DBA (doing business as) which lets me use that name on my bank account.  There's no going back!

I drew the logo for it myself.  It's the first artistic thing I have done in a long time, except for taking photos.  I've been neglecting other stuff too, like cleaning my house!

I'm doing a rehab of a 3 unit building on the northside.  It's had bad tenants and been really neglected.  It's nice to be able to be in charge of a project like this, where I can find someone dependable to do the work.  It will be done this weekend and I'm going to start marketing it and find some good tenants.

I've hired someone for a few hours a day to help me keep track of my schedule and all the things I have to do.  This is the busiest I have ever been and I am enjoying it.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fall is here

I'm in  Lincoln Park.  I love this time of year when all of the sudden it really starts to look like fall.  Windy and rainy today.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Busy Week

No, I wasn't driving when I took this!
This is supposedly the last warm weekend of the year.  It's great convertible weather.

I've been busy with real estate stuff.  First, we have a lot of sales.  I have also a lot of photos to take of new listings.  I have spent the last two weeks recovering from a sinus infection and cough.

The big news is we have a new property management company.  It's called Clyde, which is named after my grandfather who was a real estate agent.  I'm not sure if it will be Clyde Properties or Clyde Asset Management.  I like Clyde Properties better but there is one in Scotland already.  I want to have the name of the company as the web page.

It was hard to chose a name.  I liked the name Access Syracuse but wanted to choose a name where it was not limited to Syracuse.  I wanted to call it 315 Properties, as that is the area code in all the areas I would be able to consider managing from a distance perspective.  I figured as soon as I did that we would get a new area code around here!

We have clients already, we are managing 32 units!  One of the buildings we have almost no idea who lives there, what rent they pay or if they have paid any rent.  So it's my job to get all that straightened out.  The other buildings we know who is in them at least.