Thursday, June 23, 2011

I'm looking for houses to rent!

I've been contacted recently by two people looking for 4 and 5 bedroom homes to rent. It's hard to find good places to rent in the Syracuse area right now.

Syracuse has a lot of people who relocate here for a few years. Many of them are stable professional people who have been sent here by their employers to go to grad school at Syracuse University. I get calls from these people all the time! They have money, good references and jobs.

The problem is that a lot of people can't get a loan to buy. The banks were giving money to anyone who could sign their name a few years ago! That was obviously a mistake, but they have over-corrected themselves to a ridiculous extreme. So people that would have bought with no problems are now looking to rent. This has given us a tight rental market, and pushed rental prices up. At the same time, it's harder to sell a home. If you have planned to sell, or had your house on the market with no success, consider renting. You might be very surprised how much you can get for your home!

If you have a larger home (or any home!) that you would like to rent, please call me at 315-908-2287.