Monday, December 20, 2010

I ate at the Dosa Grill and it was great

This restaurant is getting a lot of positive attention, and it is well deserved. This is an Indian Restaurant at Erie and Genesee in Dewitt in the small plaza across the street from the new fire station.

I've eaten there twice. The first time we went for dinner and ordered off the menu, and the second time I went with a group and we ate at the Sunday Brunch Buffet.

If you are not familiar with Indian food, start with the buffet so you can see all the dishes and try some smaller samples of the various foods.

The buffet setup is a little awkward, having the condiments first, then the main dishes!

Raita is a yoghurt sauce, and it helps tone down the richness and spiciness of the sauces. I also like tamarind sauce, a somewhat sweet sauce that goes well on pakoras (vegetable fritters).

After the condiments/salad area there is the main dishes area. It has naan bread and basmati rice, and then a selection of curries and other sauce type dishes which change from week to week. Dishes when I went included butter chicken, chana masala (vegetarian chick peas in sauce), mutter paneer (cubed cheese and peas in a red sauce), a spinach dish, and the previously mentioned pakoras.

There is also an area with tandoori chicken, which is marinated chicken cooked in a special clay oven, and biryani, a rice dish with vegetables. Deserts were rice pudding, which seems to be manditory in Indian buffets, and this one was decent but nothing special. They also had an orange colored "fruit pudding" which I tried. One of my dining companions asked me what flavor it was and I was unable to answer - it was incredibly bland with very little flavor.

At the end of the buffet is an actual dosa grill. Dosas are very much like a crepe, and come with a filling of thick curry. They are dipped in a coconut chutney or a red sauce that is hotter and I'm not sure what it is. I consulted the menu to find out what it was, but oddly enough they do not mention the sauces or even dosas on the menu at all!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Here comes the snow!

It's snowing this morning, and we are seeing some accumulation. I'm sick with a sinus infection and I am not leaving the house today! I'm resting all weekend and hope to be better by Monday. I'm lighting a fire and relaxing in my new recliner.