Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Giannis Bronx Style Pizza is Awesome.

I read about this restaurant in the Chus On Chow blog, and a couple of weeks ago I was driving down the Burnet Avenue in Eastwood feeling kind of hungry and I realized I was driving by the great pizza place I had been meaning to go to. So I stopped and got a couple of slices of cheese pizza.

I asked Gianni what Bronx pizza was, and he explained to me that in the NYC area there is a lot of competition for pizza, and people make their own sauce and dough, so that the pizzas have a unique flavor. Here in Syracuse, everything is called New York Pizza, so he decided to differentiate himself from the masses by calling it Bronx Pizza. Well, also he's from the Bronx.

Next Saturday I was driving around hungry again and pulled into his parking lot. Then I realized I had no cash! But that was ok, I rummaged around and found some change and had enough for a slice of vegetable pizza, ($2.76). He remembered me from the week before too. I came in at the same time as another customer, and he gave us both a free sample of tomato pie.

Now, I had never heard of tomato pie before coming to Syracuse. When I came here, I didn't feel inclined to try it. "tomato pie, that's just pizza without the cheese, why would I eat that?"

But as soon as I tried this, I forgot all about the cheese. The bottom of the crust was slightly crisp, yet chewy, and the inside of the pizza has a pleasing sponginess, nice and light. It's topped with a really wonderful sauce, slightly tangy, and not too much of it. Perfect.

The vegetable pizza was great, with a nice thin crust and thick layer of cheese. I loved the breaded eggplants and ricotta cheese.

I'd be tempted to eat there every day, but I'm on a fitness program right now. Every Saturday I get to eat whatever I want and I'm planning a visit.

The shop itself is hard to see at first, it faces out into the parking lot off of Burnet Avenue. It's right next to a golf shop, and down the street from Shifty's Bar and Grill and Domenic's Restaurant.

Gianni's Pizza
1428 Burnet Avenue, Syracuse, NY 13206-3519(315) 425-7770

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review, this sounds good! My husband and I left an amazing pizza place behind in NH, and we're on the prowl for good ones here. We'll have to try Gianni's out.

Jim Johnson said...

I've been to Gianni's about 5 or 6 times and I'm pretty comfortable saying that it's the best pizza in Syracuse. The dart wings are absolutely delicious too.

Spirit38 said...

I have to attest, that as a former residental neighbor and customer, Mr. Gianni is a respectable man, whom keeps a very clean establisment. As a current customer, I have to say he has the BEST meat stromboli's and the best Pizza. (with plenty of varieties). Mr. Gianni, has been a wonderful addition to the neighborhood. Thank you, for bring a slice of heaven here. :D.